Goal Setting for Elementary School Kids

Goal setting with elementary students is an important part of a successful school year. Setting goals is an essential skill for students to develop.
It creates a love of learning and helps them get involved in their learning, as well. Teaching students to set goals at a young age helps them to learn exactly what they need to do to meet expectations and succeed in class.

Using the SMART acronym, students learn goal setting, keeping them focused on the task and feeling great about their accomplishments!
  • Specific – What exactly do I want to happen?
  • Measurable – How will I know when I am reaching my goal?
  • Actionable – What actions will I take to achieve my goal?
  • Realistic – Why is my goal important and what plan will I follow to reach it?
  • Timely – When will I reach my goal?
Teaching the skill of goal setting and revising goals can give students the self-regulated learning tools for a growth mindset toward academic development.
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