Co-Curricular Subjects

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  • In addition to religious instruction and the core curricular

    PE and Spanish are taught four times a week, Art is taught twice a week, Drama is taught once a week, Music is taught once a week for grades K-5

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  • Physical Education

    Through MDA's Physical Education Program, PE classes are taught four times a week for Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. Current research shows that when students increase their heart rate through more frequent physical activity, the effects extend beyond the physical to positively impact academic outcomes.
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  • Art

    MDA's Art Program is offered to Kindergarten through eighth grade. In Kindergarten, the focus is on developing observational & fine motor skills; teaching the kids to recognize, and find the elements of art (line, shape, color, form, texture) in their art, everyday objects and nature.
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  • Drama

    MDA's Drama Program helps teach students conflict resolution, enabling them to learn creative problem-solving skills alongside their peers. Through the program, students gain a sense of self-empowerment, allowing them the opportunity to make choices, act out their feelings, and find a new connection to themselves.
  • Music

    There are many long-term benefits of learning an instrument from an early age. An integral, but often neglected aspect of a child's education is learning about music, singing, listening, playing an instrument and playing along with others.
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