MDA approaches technology in the classroom with intention, applying a discerning process to choose the tools and programs we incorporate to ensure that all learning needs are considered.
We believe that technology can foster creativity and a broadened sense of exploration, while instilling a sense of responsibility and shaping the way students learn. 

MDA's faculty draw from technology as an essential instructional tool, supplementing traditional teacher-led instruction with online learning to give students a multifaceted educational experience that equips them with the tools to meet and exceed grade-level content.

Technology in the Classroom
Within each classroom, students utilize 1:1 iPads. Additionally, teachers employ Apple TVs, Epson projectors, and document cameras to support all learners. 

Classroom structure includes:
  • Self-directed, independent study using cutting-edge online curriculum including Lexia Core 5, Reflex Math, GraphoGame, Prodigy
    • Lexia Core 5 - accelerating the literacy skills of all students, regardless of additional learning needs
    • Reflex Math - an individualized program designed to aid students in mastering grade-level mathematical concepts
    • GraphoGame - setting students up for reading success by teaching them to read and spell their first letters and words
    • Prodigy - an innovative and interactive mathematical journey that engages students in creative problem solving
  • Learning Ally: an audiobook learning tool that supports all students, including those with learning disabilities, to ensure that everyone has access to grade level curriculum despite learning differences

Digital Citizenship
Mission Dolores Academy's digital curriculum underscores the importance of being a responsible digital citizen, emphasizing accountability and responsibility on all technological platforms' both inside and outside of the classroom.
Mission Dolores Academy, an inclusive faith-filled school community, empowers confident students who are academically prepared, leading lives motivated by integrity and committed to the common good.
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