Religious Education

While Mission Dolores Academy understands an essential goal is to produce academically sound students, it also seeks to develop students' integrity, morality, and faith. The school recognizes the importance of students' spiritual formation, whatever their religious background may be.
Accordingly, religious services are held in Mission Dolores Basilica, including a mass every other week. Religion is taught daily in all grades and Sacramental Preparation helps to create a living faith experience for students. Students in grades two and eight receive ongoing instruction throughout the course of the year as they prepare for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion (grade two), and Confirmation (grade eight). Some of the highlights of the school year are the second grade's performance of the Nativity Play and the Crowning of Mary in May.
Mission Dolores Academy places a strong emphasis on an appreciation of Jesus Christ as he is presented in the Gospels, utilizing its message as a foundation for instilling in all students an innate sense of responsibility: for oneself, for God, and for others. Prayer experiences are an integral aspect of faith formation. Every school day begins with morning prayer led by Student Council members.

At an age-appropriate level, the overall goal is to prepare graduates to meet the challenges of a dynamic, ever-changing world, and to use the values received at Mission Dolores Academy to make a positive impact on our brothers and sisters, especially those most in need. 
Mission Dolores Academy, an inclusive faith-filled school community, empowers confident students who are academically prepared, leading lives motivated by integrity and committed to the common good.
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