Tuition and Financial Aid | Mission Dolores Academy

We strive to meet the community’s needs by maintaining a tuition level that is affordable. In addition, many sources of tuition assistance are available to families who qualify.

The standard tuition rates for the year based on the number of children enrolled in Mission Dolores Academy are as follows:

One Child Two Children Three Children
$5,125 $7,725 $9,270

Mission Dolores Academy offers multiple funding sources for tuition assistance: Basic Fund, TADS (Tuition Aid Data Services), the Archdiocese of San Francisco and Tier II assistance. Basic Fund and TADS are separate entities outside of MDA that provide aid to qualifying families. Tier II funds are provided directly by MDA to families who are eligible for assistance.

Instructions for applying for financial aid are below. Families may be qualify for multiple sources of aid. Once completed, your applications will be processed by the aid organization and you will be notified of your qualifying status.

Basic Fund

The Basic Fund application will be available in early January. To be considered for aid from the Basic Fund it must be completed and submitted to the Mission Dolores Academy office.


The TADS application is filed online. Create an account at and complete the application. Visit this page for instructions on creating an account. 

You will be asked to submit some required documentation, usually your most recent tax return forms.

Archdiocese of San Francisco 

The Archdiocese of San Francisco awards up to $350 in tuition assistance to qualifying families.  The application is done online.  You must create an account at and complete the application.  You will be asked to submit required documentation (usually, you most recent tax return forms).

Tier II

Parents who demonstrate significant and compelling financial need will be considered for tuition assistance directly from MDA. As a rule, qualifying families must first be eligible for Basic Fund and complete the TADS application. At the discretion of the school, qualifying families may receive aid which is contingent upon the parent completing the following conditions:

  • Mandatory 20 service hours (10 hours for single parent families)
  • Being consistent and current with their tuition payments
  • Mandatory membership in the Parent Action Committee (Tiger PAC) & attendance at each meeting 
  • Support of the school’s fundraisers which help keep tuition costs affordable
  • Agree to adhere to all school rules and regulations as explained in the school handbook

To assist families manage their tuition payments, Mission Dolores Academy utilizes FACTS, a tuition payment plan provider. FACTS is a nationally used system that provides families from educational institutions with a better way to manage education costs over time. With FACTS, families are given options to make tuition payments at rates convenient to them.  

To use FACTS, please see instructions below:

Instructions for FACTS sign-up

Registration for FACTS