Teachers and Staff | Mission Dolores Academy

2022-2023 Faculty Directory


Position Ext Faculty/Staff Member
Kindergarten 100

Ms. Sussette Mejia-Valentini

Ms. Shia Palos

Grade One 101

Ms. Jill Sestokas

Ms. Leslie Sosa

Grade Two 102

Ms. Laura Rappa,

Mr. John Petrinovich
Grade Three 103

Ms. Maureen McConnell, 

Mrs. Carla Munoz
Grade Four 104 Mr. Bradley Moore
Grade Five 105 Ms. Dana Berk
Grade Six/Seven/Eight Science & History 106 Mr. Julian Thomas
Grade Six/Seven/Eight Mathematics 108 Ms. Sarah Cardenas 
Grade Six/Seven/Eight ELA 107 Ms. Kelsey Blow
Grade Six Associate 106 Ms. Tre’Londra Jordan
P.E./Athletic Director 910 Ms. Clarissa Miller
Director of Learning Services; Reading Specialist 914 Ms. Elizabeth Faherty
Math Specialist 914 Ms. Christina Lancaster 
Art 109 Ms. Debranna Ray

Music In Schools Today

  (415) 392-9010
Latin 907 Ms. Caitlin Halasz

​2022-2023 Administration Staff Directory 

Head of School 901 Mr. Lars Lund
Business Manager 902 Ms. Ivana Iacolino
Director of Student Services/Facilities 909 Mr. Mike Ward
Executive Assistant/Receptionist 907 Ms. Claudia Corletto
Development Director 905 Ms. Fran Quinn van Bergen
Development Assistant 906 Ms. Jana Viets
Chaplain 904 Fr. Charlie Gagan, S.J.
Sacramental Preparation and Liturgy  

Sr. Annette Sheaffer

Director of Admissions/High School Placement 908 Mr. Francisco Luna
Record Keeper/Parent Volunteer Hours 903 Ms. Margaret Walden