Our Mission | Mission Dolores Academy

Mission Dolores Academy, deeply rooted in Catholic tradition, graduates students who are confident, lifelong learners, and academically prepared to succeed in our global community.

“We are a Catholic learning community who believe and practice our Catholic values every day of our lives.”

Mission Dolores Academy prides itself on its academic excellence as we work to prepare our students to become conscientious and productive members of the community.

We are productive citizens who practice our school’s core values:

  • A belief in God founded by the Catholic tradition, but respectful and inclusive of a broad variety of faiths
  • A commitment to be all that we can be, every day, every way
  • The knowledge that we are a part of and should contribute to a community; life is bigger than just the individual
  • Respect for ourselves and others
  • Integrity and honesty with ourselves and others

We are active learners who:

  • Strive to reach academic goals for grade-level appropriate work
  • Think critically in all aspects of our lives
  • Communicate our ideas effectively both in writing and verbally
  • Understand the value and significance of our education

We are members of a learning community who:

  • Act safely, respectfully, and responsibly at all times
  • Make good choices in all aspects of our lives: academically, personally, and socially
  • Recognize, value, and respect cultural and ethnic differences
  • Support one another on the Road to Excellence

​History | Mission Dolores Academy

Mission Dolores Academy is an independent Catholic school that focuses on academic excellence while developing and promoting core Catholic values. Mission Dolores Academy was created by the merger of two San Francisco Catholic school, the Megan Furth Catholic Academy (MFCA) and Mission Dolores School (MDS). The school’s history stretches as far back as 1852, making it the longest standing Catholic school in San Francisco.

MFCA occupied a building on St. Dominic’s campus at Pine and Steiner streets but due to increasing enrollment and changing neighborhood landscapes, the board of directors sought a new space that would allow the school to grow while continuing to serve the needs of at-risk youth. At the same time, MDS at the current 16th and Church streets location was suffering from rapidly declining enrollment and continued financial reliance on the Archdiocese. After lengthy negotiations, it was determined that the new school, Mission Dolores Academy, would be located at the MDS site.

Mission Dolores Academy was envisioned to be a blended learning school that prepared our scholars for the rigors of 21st Century learning. Working together with Seton Education Partners, MDA strove forward to become a blended learning school that would provide a robust combination of computer-based curriculum and traditional, small group instruction. MDA core values have always been academic excellence and preparing our students to become lifelong learners. Each year our graduating 8th grade class attends top college preparatory high schools while taking the values of Mission Dolores Academy along with them.