Our Mission | Mission Dolores Academy

Mission Dolores Academy, an inclusive faith-filled school community, empowers confident students who are academically prepared, leading lives motivated by integrity and committed to the common good.


Mission Dolores Academy (MDA) is firmly rooted in the Catholic tradition. We are dedicated to developing every facet of the whole child—intellectually, spiritually, socially, and emotionally—and celebrating each child’s self-worth, dignity, and cultural diversity. MDA promotes an educational environment that instills in every student a love of learning, a connection to God, and a desire to be a changemaker in the world.

We recognize that parents and guardians are the primary educators of their children. We take pride in the teamwork and camaraderie that exists between the school and its family community. 


School-Wide Student Learning Expectations (SLE)

We are productive citizens who practice our school’s core values:

  • A belief in God founded in the Catholic tradition, respectful and inclusive of a broad variety of faiths
  • A commitment to be all that we can be, every day, in every way
  • The knowledge that we are part of a larger community and should contribute to it
  • Respect for ourselves and others
  • Integrity and honesty with ourselves and others

We are active learners who:

  • Strive to reach academic goals for grade-level-appropriate work
  • Think critically in all aspects of our lives
  • Communicate our ideas effectively, both in writing and speech
  • Understand the value and significance of our education

We are members of a learning community who:

  • Act safely, respectfully, and responsibly at all times
  • Make good choices in all aspects of our lives: academically, personally, and socially
  • Recognize, value, and respect cultural and ethnic differences
  • Support one another on the road to excellence