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Mission Dolores Academy
3371 16th Street
San Francisco CA 94114

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Mission Dolores Academy is located at 3371 16th Street at the corner of 16th and Church Streets.

Public Transportation

The nearest station is 16th and Mission.  Exit the station and walk 4 blocks west on 16th Street to the school.

We are conveniently located close
to several MUNI lines.

J, 22 - Exit at Church and 16th
33 - Exit at 18th and Church and walk two blocks north on Church
F - Exit at Market and Church and walk two blocks south on Church
K, L, M, T - Exit at Church Street station and walk two blocks south on Church
N - Exit at Church and Duboce Streets and walk three blocks south on Church

Our parking lot is accessed via a driveway on Church Street between 16th Street and 17th Street.  The driveway is located between our gymnasium and the four-story Children's Council building on the east side of Church Street.  It is easy to miss, so you'll want to slow down after you've crossed 16th Street (if you're driving south on Church) or crossed 17th Street (if you're driving north).  If you are using an online mapping or directions service, enter 431 Church Street as your destination address (the address doesn't exist, but it will direct you to the driveway).

We share the lot with another tenant, so please be sure to park in spots designated for Mission Dolores Academy visitors.  

Please note that spaces are not always available, and the parking lot becomes extremely congested from 7:30 - 8:00 am and 1:45 to 2:15 pm on Wednesdays and 3:30 - 4:30 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays as parents are dropping off/picking up their children.  Street parking may be available, but please note parking signs for street cleaning times.