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Students of the Month -- October

November 1, 2017

October Students of the Month are here! These students displayed exceptional academic success, citizenship, and participation in the classroom.  We are so proud of them!


Kindergarten Student of the Month


Daniel is a model student in Kindergarten.  He comes to school every day with a positive attitude.  He encourages his friends to use their best behavior while in the classroom, but can show a playful attitude outside at recess.  Daniel strives to work his hardest everyday he comes to school and proves to be a Peacemaker all of the time.  Way to go Daniel!


First Grade Student of the Month


Even is the first grade Student of the Month.  He has worked hard this year not only in academics, but his behavior as well.  He starts each day with a smile and the goal to do his best.  He has shown great progress this month and we are so proud of him.  Well done Even!


Second Grade Student of the Month


Second grade’s Student of the Month is Mia.  Mia is always respectful of others in class.  She follows the classroom rules and lends a helping hand to her classmates.  She works hard each day and is excited to learn.  Mia takes great pride in her work and shows her creativity during writing time.  She loves to write stories about her kittens!  We are so glad to have Mia in second grade.  Great job Mia!


Third Grade Student of the Month


 Christopher is a phenomenal role model for Third Grade. He is our Student of the Month for October because of how hard he works, as well as how he treats his classmates. He is often one of the first students to follow his teachers' directions and does it with a smile. Christopher is awesome and we're so lucky to have him at Mission Dolores Academy. 


Fourth Grade Student of the Month


Fourth Grade's Student of the Month is Julianne. She is a very hard working, responsible, and motivated student who puts her full effort into everything she does! Julianne is a leader in our classroom, and a great role model for her peers. She always strives for success in her academics, and treats everyone with kindness and respect. Way to go, Julianne!


Fifth Grade Student of the Month


Santino is new to MDA this year and has done such a good job adjusting to the school!  Santino is always respectful of others.  He is hard working and very responsible.   Santino really embodies the ethics and ideals of Mission Dolores Academy.  


Sixth Grade Student of the Month


We have chosen to honor Antonio for the month of October. There are few students who embody the quiet confidence that Antonio so effortlessly drapes on himself. He is consistently courteous, and kind to teachers, staff, students and parents alike. He pushes himself, and gives his full effort on every small, and big task. He encourages his classmates, and listens with great intent to others. We are proud to honor Antonio!


Seventh Grade Student of the Month


Giovanni is an absolute joy to have in the Seventh Grade! Gio is an eager participator in all class activities and discussions. His work reflects his efforts and hard work. Gio actively asks clarifying questions to guarantee his understanding of the material. Giovanni gets along with everyone and always has kind words to say. He has a wonderful sense of humor that he shares with his class. We are excited to have Gio in our class and can’t wait to see what the year brings.


Eighth Grade Student of the Month


Luis is a motivated to achieve. He works hard to maintain his grades while always having a wonderful attitude. Luis is active in class discussions and activities. Luis shows kindness to his peers and is always respectful to his teachers. Luis has very unique perspectives and provides wonderful insight into class discussions. Luis has remained focused during the very stressful high school application process and continues to excel in his academics.


Art Student of the Month


For October, the Art Student of the Month is Phil.  He is very creative and loves the opportunity to use different materials to create amazing artwork. Ms. Patino is so happy to see Phil putting great effort into having a focused time in Art.


P.E. Student of the Month


Cynthia embodies all of the criteria in PE including citizenship, classroom participation, responsibility, good work ethic, discipline, good attitude, kindness, and academics.  She gives 110% every day.  She has a positive energy and well-mannered attitude towards her classmates and teachers.  She is always willing to help, and is kind to other students.  Way to go, Cynthia!  

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