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Students of the Month -- November

December 5, 2017

November Students of the Month are here! These students displayed exceptional academic success, citizenship, and participation in the classroom.  We are so proud of them!

Kindergarten Student of the Month 


The Student of the Month for Kindergarten is Sofia.  Sofia has shown tremendous bravery this year.  She tries to come to school with a smile on her face ready to work.  Sofia has also shown improvements in her friendships and independence.  Each day she is at school, she works to the best of her ability.  We are very proud of all that you have accomplished so far this year Sofia!  Keep up the great work!


First Grade Student of the Month 


This month’s student of the month is GianKarlo! GianKarlo works hard to pay attention and do his best listening each day.  He has become a proud reader and author and creates beautiful art.  He is a good classmate and strives to be helpful, respectful and kind to everyone! Well done GianKarlo!


Second Grade Student of the Month 


Second grade student of the month is Joshua. Joshua comes to school each day ready to learn. He is respectful of his other classmates and always willing to lend a helping hand. Joshua works very hard in all subjects. He especially enjoys writing stories and sharing his great work. Second grade loves having Joshua as part of our class! 


Third Grade Student of the Month 


Alejandra is the Third Grade Student of the Month for November. She is an outstanding role model for her classmates. She works hard all day, every day, both academically and behaviorally. She always has a smile on her face and is adored by her teachers. She is responsible and comes to school every day ready and excited to learn. Keep up the amazing work, Alejandra!


Fourth Grade Student of the Month


Fourth Grade’s Student of the Month is Joseph.  He is a very respectful, hardworking, and motivated student who is always eager to learn.  We have been especially impressed with his dedication to improving his math fluency on Reflex Math.  He has already solved over 5,000 facts!  Joseph is also very encouraging towards his fellow classmates, and consistently demonstrates kind behavior both in and outside of our classroom.  Keep up the great work, Joseph!


Fifth Grade Student of the Month


Mallory is the fifth grade student of the month for many reasons.  She is extremely hard working and is constantly improving all of her academic skills!  She is an amazing artist and isn’t afraid to show it! She is kind and friendly towards classmates and is a great role model for all of the younger students she works with.  Mallory is a great student for any class, but we are so thankful to have her as part of the fifth grade class at Mission Dolores Academy.


Sixth Grade Student of the Month


Our class has chosen to focus on the virtue of responsibility for the past month. Each student was asked to anonymously write what they felt responsibility meant, which classmate they felt exemplified this virtue and how. We have chosen to honor Ella for her strong sense of responsibility as evident by her meticulous dedication to her studies, strong sense of commitment and willingness to help others.  Here are some snippets from her classmates.

"I chose Ella because she is always ready to focus, help others focus, and volunteering to support our school."

"Ella is incredibly responsible since she always keeps her word and is honest."

"Ella always turns in her work, and when she knows she'll be busy, she goes to study hall or finishes projects ahead of time."

​Congratulations Ella!​


Seventh Grade Student of the Month


Furtuna is a hard worker! She is always very diligent with her work and her attention to detail is very impressive. She is always quick to participate and is a source of positivity in the classroom. Furtuna is not afraid to ask questions and leads the class in many inspiring discussions.  Academically, she only wants the best for herself and makes sure she earns the grades that reflect her full potential.


Eighth Grade Student of the Month


Ary is an absolute joy to have in the Eighth Grade! She is the kindest and most caring person, always willing to lend a hand or an ear to anyone in need.  Her thoughtful, kind demeanor inspires everyone to be at their best.  She is a true leader, in the classroom, in student council, and to the larger community.  Over the past two years, Ary has matured into a self-confident, driven person.  It has been wonderful to see her growth.  Her potential is limitless.


Art Student of the Month


Malakai is a very enthusiastic art student who is always trying his best. This past month, he has been learning several drawing techniques and shared that he likes to draw basketball players. Malakai is a kind and responsible student who always follows directions and helps with keeping the art room tidy.


P.E. Student of the Month


Naima is the student of the month in PE class. She is a positive role model for all students to follow. She is very hard-working, respectful, and kind. Naima participates in all daily activities, which makes students like her stand out in a crowd. She is new to MDA, and she gets along with all her classmates. She is passionate about physical education and healthy living.

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