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Students of the Month -- May

June 2, 2017

We are very excited to share our May Students of the Month.  These students displayed exceptional academic success, citizenship, and participation in the classroom.  We are so proud of them!

Kindergarten Student of the Month


Nicole is the Kindergarten Student of the Month for May.  It is not only the month of May that Nicole shows exceptional qualities as a student, friend and community member of Mission Dolores Academy, but she has displayed these all year long!  Nicole is very persistent with her work.  If something is slightly difficult, she continues to push through until she achieves her goals.  With her peers, Nicole chooses to be resilient while at the same time choosing friendship and forgiveness.  We can always count on Nicole for making the right choices.  Way to go Nicole!

First Grade Student of the Month


Joshua has worked hard this year across all subjects. He works hard every day and strives to do his best work all of the time.  Joshua is now reading chapter books and can write stories that go on for pages!  Joshua is a good listener and a good friend to everyone in the class! Well done Joshua for being chosen as the last student of month in first grade!

Second Grade Student of the Month


Allan has made tremendous progress this year in second grade! This past month he has worked so hard and had many accomplishments. He is a kind classmate who takes care of others and brings a smile to everyone's face. He is a good role model to younger students, he leads with kindness and compassion.

Third Grade Student of the Month


Third Grade's final Student of the Month is Joseph. He has done incredible things all year. He constantly encourages classmates, both in their academic pursuits and if they're just having a tough time on the yard. Joseph is very quick to help anyone in need, while also serving as an excellent role model in class. You're great, Joseph!

Fourth Grade Student of the Month


Sulema is Fourth Grade's Student of the Month for May 2017. Sulema is a highly independent student with a passion for seeking out knowledge. Sulema reads extensively for enjoyment and is always eager to share her passion with others.  She goes above and beyond on a daily basis by lending a helping hand to teachers and peers. We are so thankful for Sulema!

Fifth Grade Student of the Month


Ella approaches school with strict dedication to doing her best. Her maturity and tenacity are qualities that we all can learn from. In the 36 weeks we've been in school, she's always come on time. Keep it up Ella!

Sixth Grade Student of the Month


This month, the sixth grade is proud to select Kylie as the student of the month for May.  Kylie's humble leadership is admirable, and more powerful than she knows. She never needs to be asked to stay on tasks since she is always steps ahead. She can often be seen, with completed work, helping others without even being asked. Her diligent nature in every aspect of her life shows a maturity that is beyond her years. We want to thank Kylie for exemplifying what it means to be a role model through her work ethic, empathy, resilience and positive attitude. Cheers to you Kylie!

Seventh Grade Student of the Month


Aryanna has been a fantastic contributor to our MDA community.  In addition to being the 7th grade classroom representative to student council and a wonderful teammate on the basketball team, she has been a diligent, hardworking student who has shown incredible growth over this year.  The middle school team cannot wait to see her continued growth over 8th grade, and greatly enjoy her warm spirit in class.  Keep up the amazing work, Ary!

Eighth Grade Student of the Month


Elizabeth is a wonderful member of our MDA community and will be very missed as she moves on to Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory. Elizabeth always holds herself to the highest moral standard. Elizabeth stands out as an amazingly independent thinker and a strong personality. Elizabeth is a wonderful person who makes us all proud to say she is an MDA graduate.

Art Student of the Month


The Student of the Month in Art is Aric.  Aric has been leading his classmates following directions in art class and helping with keeping the art room clean. In addition, he is an excellent artist!

P.E. Student of the Month 


Mary is a positive role model for all students to follow. She works really hard in PE, and participates in all the activities with 100% effort. Her work ethic is outstanding. She is well liked around the school and well respected by her peers.

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