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Students of the Month -- March

April 11, 2017

We are very excited to share our March Students of the Month.  These students displayed exceptional academic success, citizenship, and participation in the classroom.  We are proud of them!

Kindergarten Student of the Month


Stephanie is an exceptional student that works her hardest everyday.  She displays wonderful character inside of the classroom and outside at recess.  If another student is having a difficult time, Stephanie is quick to respond!  Stephanie is also a math super star, showing her enjoyment in the subject throughout the day and at home.  We love having Stephanie in Kindergarten.  Way to go!


First Grade Student of the Month


Ahmad has been selected as this month's student of the month for his kindness, helpfulness and ambition.  Ahmad is eager to help other students both in the classroom as well as outside of school, as he is always the first to volunteer to clean up messes, even if they aren't his.  Ahmad works hard throughout the day and it shows in his academics.  He has made huge progress across all subjects and takes his learning very seriously.  Ahmad is a good friend, a good student and we are proud to have him in our first grade class!  Great job Ahmad! 


Second Grade Student of the Month


Melanie has been a rock star this whole year. She has grown tremendously in reading and math. She has also blossomed into a beautiful writer. The best thing about Melanie is that when things get hard, she never gives up. She brings light into the classroom with her smile, her joy, and her kindness. She is a supportive classmate and she sees the strengths in her friends, her teachers, her family, and everyone around her. She is truly an amazing member of our MDA community, and her year in second grade shows that she will go so far in life! Way to go Melanie! 


Third Grade Student of the Month


Brooke is Third Grade's Student of the Month. This is because of her hard work in all subjects and her unending determination to do her best at all times. She shows kindness to everyone she encounters at Mission Dolores Academy and beyond. Excellent work, Brooke!


Fourth Grade Student of the Month 


Nebai is Fourth Grade's Student of the Month for March 2017. Nebai is a highly engaged learner who enjoys participating and always strives to do his personal best on assignments. He takes joy in connecting what he learns in school to his everyday life. Nebai has developed a strong growth mindset, and he is seldom discouraged for long. We are so grateful for his presence in our class.


Fifth Grade Student of the Month


Aliyah is Fifth Grade’s Student of the Month. Aliyah made huge improvements in her overall math grade in third quarter, and gave a stellar presentation of her President´s Project after bravely overcoming her reservations with public speaking. Aliyah remains an engaged and focused learner in the classroom, a positive and encouraging friend to all, and a talented artist to boot. All in all, Aliyah is a shining example of what every MDA student might aspire to be.


Sixth Grade Student of the Month


In honor of our Kindness campaign, we decided to honor a student who embodies what it means to be kind at your core. Jessica has a servant heart and demonstrated her willingness to help and serve others this past quarter especially. She has been there for a friend in particular as their note taker, aid, organizer and best of all, encourager. She was willing to step up to the task and in the process, proved just how strong and determined she is when it comes to helping others. We are proud to honor her this month. 


Seventh Grade Student of the Month


Brithanie joined the MDA community in the fall, and hit the ground running!  She has been a steady influence in the classroom, and her dedication has resulted in great grades!  Brithanie is always willing to take a risk and speak up in class.  She has been focused and consistent in her effort, bringing her very best each and every day!  Keep up the great work, Brithanie!


Eighth Grade Student of the Month


Gracielle has improved tremendously over the last few months.  She has been a diligent worker over her time at MDA; however her hard work has really paid off!  Gracielle has had an incredible time in middle school, improving in leaps and bounds.  In addition to being a phenomenal student, she has demonstrated her kindness and consideration time and time again.  Keep up the great work, Gracielle! 


Art Student of the Month


This month the recognition goes to Janine.  She leads her classmates by example always trying her best by fully engaging in every single art project. Janine helps with keeping the art room organized and is always open to give me a hand passing around materials, putting artwork in the drying rack or simply being the first one to be fully ready to begin class.


P.E. Student of the Month 


Siem can be described as a hardworking, appreciative and respectful citizen who is willing to work well with other students. He had shown an excellent leadership skills, and  quick learning individual. He is always doing his best, and excited to learn about Physical Education. 

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