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Students of the Month -- February

March 14, 2017


We are excited to share our February Students of the Month.  These students displayed exceptional academic success, citizenship, and participation in the classroom.  We are so proud of them.



Kindergarten Student of the Month


Cardae is a student in Kindergarten that always tries his hardest in academics and friendships.  We are so proud of Cardae for all of the strides he has made in his reading.  He is so flexible with his learning and his friendships.  Cardae is always one of the first children to remember what a peaceful learning community looks like.   He reminds his friends with his peaceful signal all of the time, and when a friend needs help he is quick to respond.  Way to go Cardae.  We love having you in class!

First Grade Student of the Month


Since the beginning of the year Nena has been an eager learner as well as a great friend to everyone in our class.  We are impressed with how hard she has worked this year particularly in math and phonics and the interest she has taken in her learning. Nena is friends with everyone in our class and treats everyone with kindness and respect.  Nena's enthusiasm for life is contagious as she brightens our day by being here! 

Second Grade Student of the Month

Jean Carlos

Jean Carlos has been thriving in Second Grade. He has worked hard in every subject and has made huge improvements, especially in Math. In Social Studies and writing, he dove into his hero project and wrote a stellar report on Cesar Chavez. He has been a focused, driven, and determined student this past month.  He has also been a supportive and kind classmate and friend. Way to go JC! You earned it!

Third Grade Student of the Month


Julianne is the Third Grade Student of the Month for February. She is both kind and helpful inside the classroom and shows great sportsmanship on the yard. In addition, she is a great role model in her behavior, work ethic, and study habits. Julianne always tries her hardest and it shows! Excellent work, Julianne!

Fourth Grade Student of the Month


Brayan is an exemplary student in all facets of the school day. His leadership in the classroom and on the playground are invaluable to the Fourth Grade class and the MDA community. Academically, he loves to read novels and is always open to new mathematical challenges.  

Fifth Grade Student of the Month


This month's student of the month for Fifth Grade is Sonia. Sonia has worked extremely hard in class and has made vast improvements in her spelling capabilities!  She always brings a smile and positive attitude with her to class.  Way to go Sonia! Keep up the good work!

Sixth Grade Student of the Month



To say that Mary is kind, gracious and friendly to all would be an understatement- she is that, and more. When a friend is in need, when a mess has been made, when any teacher needs help, Mary is there with a smile on her face. We are happy to award the first student of the month to Mary for her dedication to academic excellence, and her servant heart. 

Seventh Grade Student of the Month



Luis has been a diligent and focused student all year.  In addition to working very hard, his science fair project on melting ice was submitted to the city-wide competition and placed in the third tier!  He has been a consistent and hardworking example of what makes MDA a special place.  Keep up the fantastic work, Luis!

Eighth Grade Student of the Month


As student body president, VonTre is a natural leader and a role model for our MDA community.  He leads our school as our Student Council President and on the basketball court.  He has blossomed in his classes, and gives amazing effort in everything he does.  His hard work has paid off, as he is truly a leader at MDA.  Keep up the great work, VonTre!

Art Student of the Month



Tyler always has a positive disposition, truly enjoys art and always makes it easier for Ms. Patino by setting the example in class when it comes to following directions. Tyler is one of the few students who goes a step further helping in the class either distributing materials and helping classmates or staying a few minutes after class to make sure that everything is in place.  Tyler is also a terrific artist and it is a joy to see him "at work" in the art room.

P.E. Student of the Month



This month's student of the month is Anyle. Anyle is an extremely hard worker who always brings a smile and positive attitude with him to physical education. He has been an excellent role model during our basketball unit. Great job Anyle and keep up the great work!

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