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Students of the Month -- April

May 9, 2017

We are very excited to share our April Students of the Month.  These students displayed exceptional academic success, citizenship, and participation in the classroom.  We are so proud of them!

Kindergarten Student of the Month


Gabriel has shown great improvement in Kindergarten in his academics, friendships and behavior.  Gabriel shows us all about the power to make better decisions.  He is quick to share and offer support to his other classmates.  We love Gabriel's love for life, as he is always having fun and smiling no matter what he is doing!  Gabriel has also shown us his enjoyment in science and art, always choosing creative projects for himself during free choice time.   You are a wonderful student Gabriel!  Keep up the great work!

First Grade Student of the Month


Kamorah eagerly participates in classroom discussions and has shown great growth across all subject areas.  Kamorah is proud of her accomplishments and encourages others to try as hard and she does in school. She has been a great friend and has worked to solve conflicts in a peaceful manner.  Keep up the great work Kamorah! 

Second Grade Student of the Month


Liliana, aka Lily, is this month's Second Grade Student of the Month and she deserves it. Lily has come a long way this year and she has grown tremendously as a student and most importantly as a person. She has grown in her self-confidence, her motivation and her love of learning, which is truly wonderful to see. Lily brings so much joy and love into the second grade classroom. She lifts people's spirits when they feel down and she makes this world a better place with her compassion for others. Way to go Lily! 

Third Grade Student of the Month


Khalesah is Third Grade's Student of the Month. She always does her very best during class, and it shows. She is very kind to her classmates, teachers, and everyone at Mission Dolores Academy. She is a delight to teach and even more of a delight to watch grow. Keep up the great work, Khalesah!

Fourth Grade Student of the Month


Iván is Fourth Grade's Student of the Month for April 2017. Iván's inquisitive nature brings a sense of excitement to new lessons. He adeptly navigates abstract thinking, which serves him well in academic instruction. He is an avid participator and has shown an increased willingness to take intellectual risks. When others are unsure, Iván is open to trying. He has grown tremendously as a reader and budding mathematician, and we look forward to watching him continue to flourish.

Fifth Grade Student of the Month


Andre has earned student of the month for his academic achievements over the course of the year.  He is now a student that takes full responsibility for his learning.  If he has a little bit of trouble with math that day, he always checks in with the teacher after school for clarification before he goes home to do his homework. Keep up the hard work, Andre!

Sixth Grade Student of the Month


As we continue to learn different ways to show kindness to those in our community, it is important to acknowledge a different, yet equally as powerful way to embody what it means to be a kind person. Justin shows kindness to his classmates, teachers and community daily through his willingness to share, his ability to listen and his hilarious “knock-knock” jokes. What separates Justin, however, is his integrity. To him, caring for those around him comes naturally; He gets along with each and every one of his classmates, always making those around him smile and laugh. Justin’s ability to maintain his integrity at such a young age further exemplifies how genuine his heart is, and we are proud to honor him as student of the month!

Seventh Grade Student of the Month


Nicolas has had an amazing year at MDA!  He is constantly focused, dedicated to understanding his work to the very best of his abilities.  Nicolas shows his intellectual curiosity through his active participation in class, and his insightful and directed questions.  His science project was fantastic, exploring ideas in unique ways to expand his understanding of forces (and how far rubber bands can fling!).  Keep up the great work, Nicolas!

Eighth Grade Student of the Month


Sofia is an upstanding person and community member.  She works tirelessly to create an inclusive community around her.  Sofia is not afraid to be the person who speaks up to defend her peers, a model for everyone around her.  Sofia wants everyone to feel welcome, comfortable and safe at MDA.  In addition to being a wonderful student in the classroom, she has shown her maturity and compassion on a daily basis at MDA.  Keep up the great work, Sofia!

Art Student of the Month


Saanaiya is April’s Art Student of the Month.  Her kind and joyful nature combined with her creative abilities make Saanaiya the ideal art student every art class should have. She also demonstrates excellent citizenship helping and making sure her table is left clean and organized.  Saanaiya's optimism, trustworthiness and excitement for art have been inspiring in the art room and have contributed to a positive environment in our class.

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