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New School Safety Patrol Reporting for Duty

January 6, 2017

Today our new School Safety Patrollers completed their training and are ready to take their posts on Monday to improve safety on the school playground during afternoon dismissal. This new initiative at the school, supported by AAA and led by Director of Student Services Mr. Mike Ward, sees 20 students in our Sixth to Eighth Grades trained as safety patrollers to keep their fellow classmates and school community safe during the after school pick up.

All students must attend training before they become a School Safety Patroller. Before Christmas, our eager student volunteers received training in proper pedestrian practices and road safety from AAA Manager, Kent Evans. On completion of their training they received all the necessary patroller clothing and equipment necessary. Pictured below are our new School Safety Patrollers ready for action with Mr. Ward.

MDA's School Safety Patrollers with Director of Student Services, Mr. Mike Ward

The AAA School Safety Patrol has been running since 1920 and over 635,000 kids in North America are currently part of this unique school program - leading the way to keep young pedestrians safer in their communities. Past patrollers have gone on to become U.S. presidents, senators, governors and Supreme Court justices, and more than 20 patrollers became astronauts, and five went on to win Olympic gold medals!  

Patrollers in training

The School Safety Patrol is a great addition to the extracurricular program at MDA. Our patrollers will gain important lifelong skills that can set them up for later success, and they will be recognized as safety ambassadors and active role models for younger children. Students will learn essential interpersonal skills including leadership, confidence, volunteerism, teamwork and responsibility.

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To find out more about the AAA School Safety Program, please visit AAA.com/safetypatrol


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