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January Students of the Month

February 21, 2019

January's Students of the Month are here!

These students displayed exceptional academic success, citizenship, and participation in the classroom in the past month.  We are so proud of them. Keep up the good work, MDA! 


Kindergarten - Endy

Kindergarten has selected Endy as their Student of the Month.  Endy is always trying his absolute best and turns in work that is his best quality.  He shows us all how to be a good listener, show respect and how to be our best. Great job Endy!


First Grade - Amare

First Grade's Student of the Month is Amare! Amare has made a lot of progress this quarter socially as well as academically! He is becoming more confident across all subjects especially his writing! Keep up the great work!!


Second Grade - Malakai

Second Grade Student of the Month is Malakai. Malakai has been working very hard this month. He is always listening in class and wants to help whenever he can. Malakai shows an enthusiasm for learning, especially in writing and reading. We love having Malakai in Second Grade!


Third Grade - Kamorah

Third Grade has chosen Kamorah for their Student of the Month for January! Kamorah is always a kind, focused, and helpful classmate within the third grade class! We are so happy to have her in Third Grade this year! Way to go Kamorah!


Fourth Grade - Liliana

Fourth Grade's Student of the Month is Lily. She is a very positive member of our classroom community, and comes to school every morning with a smile on her face, ready to learn. She always has a good attitude, and is kind to others both in and outside of the classroom. Lily consistently demonstrates our expected behaviors, and is a great role model for her fellow classmates. Keep up the great work, Lily!


Fifth Grade - Gabriela

This month's Student of the Month for the Fifth Grade class is Gaby! Gaby is always showing us what an excellent student she is by always doing what is expected of her and beyond that! Gaby has grown so much and we know she will do great once she moves on to sixth grade.


Sixth Grade - Kevin

Kevin is a very active member of the Sixth Grade! He always has a unique perspective in all discussions and is not afraid to ask questions! Kevin has a very inquisitive nature which helps him in his academic endeavors. Kevin has a great rapport with many of his classmates. He is a joy to have in class as well! We are excited to see his continued academic growth for the duration of the year.


Seventh Grade - Shelia

Shelia has made huge improvements with the start of the third quarter. She is focused and motivated to earn the grades that reflect her potential! Shelia has started to ask clarifying questions that show her engagement in her education. We look forward to a wonderful last two quarters of Seventh Grade with Shelia. Keep up the renewed effort and focus!


Eighth Grade - Wendy

Wendy is an amazing member of our Eighth Grade class and the MDA community. She is always focused in class, eager to participate and lend a helping hand. Wendy is highly motivated and focused on her academic success. She shows kindness to everyone she encounters and has a smile ready to cheer everyone up! We will miss Wendy as she graduates this year, but we look forward to learning where she will attend high school this fall.


Art - Wilbur

Art class has selected Wilburt from the Kindergarten class for our student of the month! Wilburt is always showing how creative and talented he really is! Way to go Wilburt


Latin - Stephanie

Stephanie always has strong, positive energy whenever we have Latin. She is an active listener, helpful to those around her, and one of the first to raise her hands up to answer a question. Her vocabulary in Latin is strong and she is already getting the grasp of conjugating Latin verbs. I am impressed with her abilities and excited to see how far she can go.

P.E. - Adam

Adam has been chosen to be our student of the month for P.E! Adam always shows up to class full of energy and ready to participate! He is a role model student in our class and enjoy every time he is in P.E. class! Awesome job Adam!


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