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Graduation 2016

June 6, 2016

“Class of 2016, remember to always follow your heart and be honest to who you are. Use your knowledge to help others. We are the future and we will be the ones to bring change to the world.”  

Jadelynn, 2016 Valedictorian


Graduation is always a very special time at Mission Dolores Academy. On this day we celebrate the success of our 8th Grade students, and wave them off on new adventures.

On Friday June 3rd, parents, grandparents, extended family, teachers, staff, donors and members of the public gathered at Mission Dolores Basilica for our celebratory Graduation Mass. A happy, proud, and emotional day for families, teachers and students, as our close knit class of 2016 say goodbye to each other and their teachers and prepare for the next stage in their lives.

Father Charlie’s homily, and remarks from Principal Dan Storz, reminded our students to carry with them their confidence and sense of self, and to embrace the new and exciting experiences that await them at high school.

A special highlight of the Mass was the speech by this year’s Valedictorian, Jadelynn. A Mission Dolores Academy student since Kindergarten, she spoke of the impact that the school has had on her life, her confidence, and her hope for the future:

“When I began school in Kindergarten, I didn’t feel confident in my academic abilities. I felt behind, but I think that was because I was the only person in my class who couldn’t tie their own shoes. However, my teachers pushed me to be the best student I could be, and also taught me how to tie my shoes. Now I am graduating eighth grade and going on to high school. I feel confident in my academic abilities and I’m ready to tackle every challenge life throws at me.”

Valedictorian Jadelynn with her Mother Jacqueline

Jadelynn went on to thank her family and friends for their support throughout her school life, and extended special thanks to our teaching staff on behalf of her classmates:

“Our class is appreciative of Ms.Escobar, Mr Adkins, Mr.McGovern and all our past teachers for giving us the knowledge we need for the next four years of life, but also great advice. Ms.Escobar, thank you for always making me smile in class, helping me to get into the high school of my top choice, and giving us books that were relatable and enjoyable. Mr.A, thank you for always pushing me to do my best, like giving us trigonometry assignments which are not taught in the eighth grade, but is really high school material.”

Her closing remarks were for her classmates “I would just like to close out by saying that is has been an honor to be a part of a class so amazing and full of life. I will miss every single one of you and I can’t believe our time at MDA has come to an end. Class of 2016, remember to always follow your heart and be honest to who you are. Use your knowledge to help others. We are the future and we will be the ones to bring change to the world. Thank you.”

At the end of Mass, students were presented with their Graduation certificates from Ms. Escobar and Mr.Adkins, and awards were made for exemplary achievements to the following students:

Math: Rachel

Language Arts: Kassandra

Science: Henok

History: Fernando

Religion: Julia

The Graduation Mass was followed by a celebratory reception at the school, with refreshments provided by our parents.

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