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Encouraging a Love of Reading - MDA Girl's Book Club

February 26, 2019

Tomorrow at MDA we will hold our first Community Reads Day at MDA where community leaders will visit to read with our students.

We already encourage our students to love reading. Our Third and Fourth Grade girls engage in a weekly book club, SOS (Sisterhood of Solidarity), reading together and discussing ways to support and empower one another on topics like self-esteem, friendships, and goal-setting.

Here is a summary and review of the book we're reading in SOS, The Magnificent Mya Tibbs: Spirit Week Showdown by Crystal Allen from Elissa, Deja and Itzell.

Summary: "Spirit Week is coming to Y.E.S. Elementary and Mya Tibbs is pumped! It's a race to win those VIP tickets to the Fall Festival, but when Mya gets paired up with Mean Connie Tate, she's in a sticky situation. With broken promises and betrayals, who knows how Mya will fix her problems and keep her friendships." - Elissa, Fourth Grade
Review: "I like this book because I think it empowers girls of all ages and teaches us how to handle different problems. I can relate to Mya because I have dealt with similar issues with friends!" - Deja, Third Grade

"This book is amazing and it has taught us to not judge people based on stereotypes. I love reading in Girls Book Club and meeting new friends, just like Mya does in the book!" - Itzell, Fourth Grade.



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