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Bank of the West Visit our Students

April 30, 2016

Bank of the West teach our Students to manage their money

Today we have a visit from Bank of the West! A team of staff from the bank came to visit our Kindergarten, 2nd and 3rd Grade students to talk to them about positive financial habits. It’s never too early to learn! 

The visit is part of Bank of the West’s Financial Literacy Program, which sees their staff touring schools all over the country to teach children the basics of financial responsibility. The book Three Cups is used to help introduce students to the basic concepts of saving, spending and giving money.

The book Three Cups is about a boy who receives three cups as a gift from his parents on his 5th birthday:  one cup is for saving, another is for spending, and the third is for sharing his money. He is taught by his parents to divide his weekly allowance among these three cups, with each cup’s amount growing over time. The book follows the boy on his money adventures throughout his life, including opening a bank account, saving for college and giving three cups to his own son on his 5th birthday.

Our students learnt:

How to prioritize choices they make in spending day-to-day
How to recognize the difference between needs and wants
To understand that personal saving supports future goals

It seems that most of our students are saving already, with several of our 3rd Grade students announcing that already have college saving funds! 

Bank of the West employees also provided an information session for our parents to provide information on the basic financial management and a Q&A session.

At the end of the visit our students received a savings voucher for them to open an account at Bank of the West, which they will match for all deposits up to $50! Get saving students!

A big thank you to everyone from Bank of the West who came to visit today. 

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