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Art Lesson: In the Style of Wayne Thiebaud

March 12, 2014

Classes learn art techniques by studying the style and methods of artists like Wayne Thiebaud and applying them to their own pieces.

The 3rd grade students recently finished working on their “In the Style of Wayne Thiebaud” paintings.  Thiebaud is an American artist who often paints commonplace items like tubes of lipstick, gumball machines, shoes and desserts. He uses vibrant and contrasting colors to make his subjects pop. He is also known for using the halo effect, created by placing intense colors next to each other so the object or shape appears to be glowing.


For this project, students did observation drawings of a real dessert item at the center of their table. Then, they traced over their lines with oil pastels, alternating cool and warm colors to create the “halo effect.” Next, students used tempera paint to complete their paintings, which intensifies the contrast between his subjects and the background.


-Stefanie Marquette, Mission Dolores Academy Art Teacher

Art vocabulary is part of the lesson:
Shade -- a color that is created by adding black
(maroon is a shade of red)
Tint -- a color that is created by adding white
(pink is a tint of red)


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