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Reading is a very important type of work for students. Through reading, students come in contact with far more interesting and advanced words than they would through conversation, and, therefore, the amount of time kids spend reading is a strong predictor of academic success: the most successful students being the ones who spend time reading daily.  

Approximately two-thirds of our students come from homes where English is not the primary language. As a result, many students enter our school behind grade level in reading. To help students catch up, we launched our Reading Education and Development (READ) Program in 2013. The goal of READ is to help students break into this world of reading by meeting them exactly where they are in their reading ability and move them toward grade-level proficiency.  Entry to the program is determined by teacher assessment and students remain in the program until they have reached grade level in reading.

Students are taught one-one-one or in small groups to explicitly rebuild phonics, decoding, fluency, spelling, and comprehension skills from the beginning no matter how old they are.  As brains are retrained for reading, students begin to gain confidence in a skill that has not come easily to them and begin to fall in love with books.


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